University of Kentucky Donor Advised Fund

You advise where your gift goes!

For nearly a decade, alumni and friends of the university have chosen the UK Donor Advised Fund as an alternative to corporate donor advised funds. The UK DAF offers unrivaled one-to-one customer service, and best of all, transparency: each of your philanthropic dollars—down to the administrative fees—help further your philanthropic goals. Call today to find out more!

Here's How it Works

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Five ways a UK donor advised fund can work for you

Family Philanthropy Made Easy

This program is made with you in mind. Your gift is more cost-effective, with greater deductibility and no administrative burdens–like tax returns and legal fees–compared to a private family foundation. Name your children successor advisors to continue your work at UK and in your tradition of giving.

Fixed or Diversified Support

It's your gift, you advise where it goes. Choose to consistently support one area at UK or vary your support between different UK programs and projects. In addition to UK, you can choose to support other public charities, arts, cultural, and religious organizations.

Deduct Now, Give Over Time

Sometimes addtional family resources can be committed to philanthropic support, or you may simply want to better organize your philanthropy without a detailed plan for its direction. A contribution to your fund can be made in the year the resources are available, generating the charitable income tax deduction and allowing you time to give thoughtfully.

Manage Your Gift

Your trusted investment manager can oversee allocation of your donor advised fund resources, or you can elect a fund manager we retain. With no required minimum distributions, your fund can grow until the time you choose. You can also choose among socially responsible and faith compliant investment options.

Giving is Easy

We undertake all administrative costs–there are no checks to write, no receipts to maintain or tax returns to file. You can track your funds through a secure online portal. Give anonymously or in the name of your donor advised fund with a range of assets including cash, stock, interests in closely held businesses, and real estate; a testamentary fund can be established through your estate planning.

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You are invited to explore the benefits of establishing a donor advised fund at the University of Kentucky with one of UK's qualified and experienced gift and estate planning officers.


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